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Renia GmbH

Renia GmbH: A tradition of high quality

The Renia GmbH was founded in the year 1930 and has existed since then as an independent family company outside of any affiliated group, now led by the third generation. The company started with producing leather cement, finishing wax, shoecare products, and floor wax. But it was soon realized that the future lay with other products: modern, up to date adhesives and their additives, for bonding materials used in shoes as well as high tech adhesives for industrial use.

The first adhesives produced exclusively for bonding leather, and these products are still available today in the form of cements for transmission belts and leather soles. In the beginning of 1952, polychloroprene (CR) or fast drying cements were introduced, and modified versions of these products are still produced today and sold world-wide.

Before the availability of specialized adhesives for craftspeople, the only option for shoe-repairers and orthotists/pedorthists were the industrial cements that were offered by the big adhesive manufacturers. But in the beginning of 1960, Renia decided to develop special cements for craftspeople with an emphasis on ease-of-use, safe application, and a wide range of possibilities regarding material combinations: user-friendly adhesives and auxiliaries. This decision made Renia the benchmark for the manufacturing of cements for the shoe-repair trade, not only in Europe, but world-wide.

Renia also developed the first one-component polyurethane (PUR) based Vinyl-cement for craftspeople. At the end of the 1960s, adhesives based on CR and PUR were created to bond PUR and TR-materials. In 1985, Renia presented the first real All purpose fast drying cement - a unique product until today. These adhesives, Renia - Colle de Cologne and Renia - MULTI-Colle, are based on grafted polymeres, which enables them to bond not only common materials like leather, rubber or poro, but also allows more difficult combinations with materials such as PUR, TR, and PVC without any problems. Note that these are no PUR-adhesives, but fast drying cements with expanded properties.

For a few materials, a special preparation is needed even when using our adhesives: not because of limitations of the adhesive, but because the material needs to be reinforced (PUR) or protected (TR) before bonding. Specific Renia primers are available for these two materials.

Today, special representatives who work like branch offices distribute our products in more than 30 countries around the world. Renia-products are available in the following countries:

A – AUS – B – BY – CDN - CZ - DK - E – F - GB – GR - H – I – IRL - ISR - JPN – L - N – NL-PL – RUS - S - SF - TR – USA

In 1998, an independent branch was installed in Poland to improve the export capabilities to eastern europe: Renia – Polska Fabryka Chemiczna Sp. z o.o. ul. Sw. Marcin 32, PL 61-805 Poznan. Tel: 0048-61-8510130 Fax: 0048-61-8515842

Aside from the products developed for shoe repair, shoe orthotics and orthopedics, products for the shoe industry like PUR and CR-adhesives are also offered: fast drying cements based on polychloroprene and polyurethane, primers for PUR and TR as well as a cross linker based on isocyanate. Additional special products are dispersions and antistatic adhesives. In addition, Renia offers color wax, leather dye, solvents, and thinner.

In another product line, Renia has developed adhesives for bonding rubber on metal, as well as for bonding leather, transmission belts, and materials used for wearout protection.

The greatest strength of the company, however, is our flexibility and having our own research and development laboratory. Additionally, it is possible to produce smaller quantities (> 300 kg) of specially designed products for customers within a short period of time.

An independent, company-specific TQM-system was developed even before TQM-systems based on ISO 9000 ff were introduced, and this system allows us to control every production batch, starting with the formula, followed by the the production process, and finally the delivery to the customer. Since 2006, Renia is certified under ISO 9001:200 and ISO 13485 (MPG).

Flexibility, constant and high quality as well as close contact to the customer are our strengths. We have our own sales representatives for Germany, and in other countries we are represented by our continuously trained and competent partners.